Join us Sunday, October 22nd at 2:00pm for a special concert featuring THE NIGHT TRAVELERS!

The Night Travelers are a virtuosic, artistic and charismatic musical duo with the acoustic impact and harmonic depth to please any audience.

Drawing on multiple genres (World, Bluegrass, Folk, Country, Americana, Blues, Jazz, Dawg, Celtic, Classical, and Pop/Rock) and focusing on tone and presence by creating incredible virtuoso arrangements for each instrument, The Night Travelers create a sound which presents as if way more than two people were playing. As detailed melodic lines on both instruments weave and dance around each other, audiences often comment that they could swear they hear at least 4 instruments playing and are mesmerized by the sound and carried away.

Combining these special techniques and philosophies with Master level musicianship allows The Night Travelers to lift the simple combination of a banjo and bass, above average expectations, radiating an orchestral quality which transcends genres in a distinctive voice all their own. For more information on The Night Travelers, click HERE

This special show is free with museum admission and included with museum membership.  We're excited to have Niki and James grace our stage!

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