Virtual: Current Exhibits

Virtual at Noon: Steve Martin Banjos
Filmed March 26, 2020 during COVID-19

Virtual at Noon: First Look - Women of the Banjo Exhibit
Filmed April 1, 2020 during COVID-19

Virtual at Noon: George Formby & the Banjo Uke!
We look at our banjo ukulele collection and the life of George Formby!

Virtual at Noon: Eddie Peabody Collection
A special look at the collection of Eddie Peabody!

Virtual at Noon: Banjo Players Directory
Learn how YOU can be part of the banjo directory!

Virtual at Noon: Learning Lounge Banjo Uke!
Grab your ukulele and join our Board President, Doug Parsons as he walks through playing styles!


Virtual at Noon: Treasures of the Archives
Johnny Baier takes us to the Museum's basement to explore.

Virtual at Noon: Learning Lounge Melodic Style Banjo!
Jens Krüger explains melodic style playing for five-string.



Virtual at Noon: Gibson Treasures
Johnny Baier looks at some of the Gibson rarities in our collection!

Virtual at Noon: Hall of Fame Exhibit
Johnny Baier walks us through the Banjo Hall of fame, highlighting all those inducted as well as a few highlights from previous celebrations!

Virtual at Noon: Women of the Banjo Preview!
Get a first look at the upcoming exhibit!

Virtual at Noon: Tour the Museum
Johnny Baier does a walk thru the Museum

Learning Lounge!

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