American Banjo Museum Receives Grant from the Kirkpatrick Family Fund

The American Banjo Museum was recently awarded a grant for $10,000 from the Kirkpatrick Family Fund to establish a Banjo Learning Lounge at the museum.

“We’re honored to receive this generous grant from the Kirkpatrick Family Fund,” said Johnny Baier, executive director, American Banjo Museum. “The Kirkpatrick Family Fund’s legacy of supporting the arts and education is inspiring and we’re proud to be part of it.”

The Museum plans to refurbish the current front west side area of the building to become a fully developed “hands on” interactive educational exhibit called the Banjo Learning Lounge. Interactive videos will include banjo history as well as short video lessons designed for visitors to ultimately play a song on various banjo types including tenor, five-string, guitar banjo and ukulele banjo. The Banjo Learning Lounge will give museum goers a chance to hold, play and experience the instruments that are on display.

The Kirkpatrick Family Fund was founded by John and Eleanor Kirkpatrick in 1989 and is the largest affiliated fund at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. The mission of the Fund is to invest in ideas and leadership that contribute to and advance the cultural, intellectual, and social interests of the communities it supports. The organization remains committed to adhering to the priorities and guiding principles of its founders through the leadership of Trustee and President, Christian K. Keesee, the grandson of John and Eleanor Kirkpatrick.